PK Plane “Of My Soul”

Toy Train “You Wanna Feel Alright”

Pyramide “Where Are You Flying ?”

Dj Relax “Shake Your Body”

M.O.S.T “Behind”

Camelia “Who Cares”

Money “Don’t Wanna Be”

Hearts “Don’t Belong To You”

Class Action “Mr. G”

Feisbuk “Vortex”

2 People  “Don’t Tell Me”

Rudy Nicoletti “I Wonder”

X – Fighter “Bulls”

Rudy Nicoletti “Tres a Tres”

2 People  “No Fear”

4ward “Obsessive”

Selecta “Play My DVD”

Rudy Nicoletti “Symposium”

Torres “Shake It”

Lake Koast  “I Love This Disco”

Eternal “Let The Rhythm”

French Kiss “Tu M’Aime Toujours”

Digital Talent “Microphone”

Fuel Booster “Your Bass”

Fuel Booster “The Deejays”

Adhesive Team “Ierophine”

Adhesive Team “Fix It Up”

Spam Brothers “Twelfth”

Spam Brothers “Feel The Heat”

Cp & Co “Superficial”

Miko Mission “I’ve Been Thinking..”

Francisco Ramirez “File System”

Cp & Co “Hot looking Babes”

Orbit Guys “Strings For The River”

Joshua 3 “Girl”

T42 feat Sharp “Run to You” (Rudy Nicoletti 2010 rmx)

Rudy Nicoletti “You like The Taste”

Rudy Nicoletti “To Da House”

Rudy Nicoletti “Du Auch”

Bandhits “Move it”

Bandance “Guiding Star”

Bandance “Justice (Rudy Nicoletti 2010 rmx)”

Runner “Beat the Bass”

FM People  “Three Empty Dollars”

TeknoPark  “Elektro Sound”

Mercury  “Celluloide”

Twister  “E-Train”

Peek Nick “All’s Correct”

Orbit Guys “Space Trip”

Orbit Guys “Whisper”

Shibuya “Understand The Real Thing”

Titanium “Dance Drop The Beat”

Bandhits “Did You See It ?”

FM People “Musika Electronika”

NYC Friends  “Existence”

MagicCarpet  “Sonic Draft”

Lake Koast  “Sunrice”

Bass Surfers  “Let Me Take You”

Indeks “Never Let The Party Stop”

Mstrmnd “Talk Talk”

Lake Koast  “Now Get To Sleep”

Titanium  “Edin Spaceport”

Dj Bollywood “Asian Girls”

Apokalypton “Leave Me Alone”

Lake Koast “Power Beat”

Speaker “Close N’ Open Your Eyes”

Love Machine “Disco Sex”

Robotronic “Humantronic”

Mr. Hope Dr. Klayton “Space”

Klaus Kolz “Think you Never”

Rudy Nicoletti “Bridge Melody”

Earthquake “Set It Free”

Lovecraft “Always Wonder Why”

Rudy Nicoletti “Apart”

Rudy Nicoletti “Scandal (Web Only)”

Nathalie Aarts & Kim Lucas “Sad Girl”