‘Summer Life’ is the fourth studio album by electronic music producer and artist Rudy Nicoletti. The album dwells into the soulful territory of deep house and tropical house music, accompanied by the interpretations of nine different artists and singers. ’Summer Life’ will be released on February 14th.

It features the following tracks:

‘On Your Back Seat’ (feat.Nana Pikkett)
‘Feel You’ (feat.Nana Pikkett)
‘Free’ (feat.Jame Johns)
‘Losing Control’ (feat. The King’ s Men)
‘Forgive Me’ (feat. Francis Corbyn)
‘Give a Little’ (feat. Stephen Cry)
‘Crazy’ (feat. Daisy Morgan)
‘Get Down In A Car’ (feat. The Gang Star Crew)
‘So Beautiful’ (feat. Andrew James)
‘Summertime’ (feat. The Delicate)