Rudy Nicoletti

Electronic Music Producer

Days ago I read a post about being as introverted as I am. It was great because it made me realize how lucky I am to be like this. I have always been ashamed of being observed, judged, considered not handsome, polite, intelligent, friendly enough. ‘Spied’ is the word: like the feeling of being observed to grasp something in me that I don’t want to tell: and this has always led me to remain secluded, aloof, isolated. Too much sensitivity, fear of not being understood, of being rejected, of not being equal to others, too sensitive, temperamentally profound. Music has always been my partner in this but now I realize that my way of being is a strength because it allows me to attract and relate to people like me, who are similar to me and to find the strength to tell myself intimately ‘ who cares, that’s okay for me, if you don’t like me, if you find me awkward, unsuitable, ridiculous, there will be people to whom, instead, all this will be fine and in the company of which there will be no problem, I will be who I am. People who will be able to appreciate the intelligence and beauty that others do not see and of which, now, I get free immediately’. All this is a remote past now. I am free.