Graziano Pegoraro

Italian producer Graziano Pegoraro, god father of Italo Disco, started his musical career at the age of 16, as a drummer. At 24, he entered G.Verdi Conservatory in Milan to study percussions and released his first single In 1976: the Italian song entitled ”Signora Tu”, performed at the San Remo Festival by Miko.

In 1982, he showed a lot of interest in dance music and started to compose his first demos. “How Old Are You”, in 1983, was his first European hit, along with the follow-up single “The World Is You” the same year.
In 1985 he composed ˜Around My Dream” performed by Silver Pozzoli, which sold more than 1.500.000 copies in Europe. The same year, he produced Taffy’s smash hit˜I Love My Radio” which went #4 in the UK and in 1986 ˜Run to me” performed by Tracy Spencer at Festival Bar.

In 1987 Graziano wrote a single in Italian called ˜Notte di Praga” which was sung by Andrea Mirò, who competed in SanRemo young section the same year.

In the 90s he founded the eurodance projects ”Mato Grosso”, ”Ava & Stone”, ”2nd Way” and In 1997 the incredible successful project T-42 feat. Sharp, with the unforgettable hit ˜Run To You”

From 2004 on, Graziano and Rudy worked very closely and were close friends in their private life too.