Political thoughts

I think that Brexit is the most stupid disgrace a country can run through: I mean, look at PM Johnson, he promised lots of things three years ago and, along with fellow colligues, he talked people into believing a lot of lies (does ‘plenty of money to NHS’ tells you something?) and look at now, all economic experts point to one thing only, that is, economic downfall, market disruption and job loss. We’ll see if all predictions are true in a few months, but all common sense lead to that.

Johnson seems to hold plans and hopes for a no deal exit from the EU in order to tie bonds to U.S.A. populist Trump yet, beyond words, things won’t be that easy to sign and England will be far a smaller fish in the pond than the United States.

And what about culture? Flights? Travels? Food? Medicines? Free movement? All lost probably. Hope not.