Nana Pikkett’s Art

“The sun is a pirate, the butterfly a close soul, the cat is bewitched, the sky is pink sugar paste. Everything is possible, everything changes, everything becomes. Waking up in a painting by Nana Pikkett is like coming face to face with dreams, fears and desires mixed in a place that does not exist, but where we have already been. And it is precisely here that with a little luck, we will be able to meet the characters imagined by the artist to guide us in her dream.
Starting from Testa di Gatto, the buccaneer pig that travels to distant seas and lands, with a cadet past and alternative nights as a superhero: to treat his wounds, the Laila rabbit, a well-known healer of the forest in love with silver sunrises and primrose red sunsets. From a distant but never past era, the terrible and sweet ladies Rosamunde, Iole, Marieantoniette, Margherita, Ada and Lisette arrive. Among them there is also a very sweet alien who loves electronics and is not afraid of wearing animal prints.
We are in a painting, in a dream and in a handcrafted jewel, but also in a private moment. The one in which Nana Pikkett closes in her studio to capture the soul of the private clients she portrays, where she seeks a dialogue with her uterus and finds herself talking to the heart of the whole world, embarking on a dream journey where everything already seen is finally new””

Nana Pikkett’s art is incredible and surprising! She uses to mix several different media in her designs, from collage and colored pencils to painting.

She began her professional activity in 2008 by participating in solo and group exhibitions in well-known venues and galleries in Milan and then in Venice, Rome, Cagliari and Catania, boasting the production of numerous portraits committed by private clients.

In 2015, she started the production of amazing handcrafted jewels and magnets with images of her paintings embedded in them. In addition to all these activities, from 2017 onwards, she joined a new collaboration with the Flowerist brand ( ), and now onward with Rudy Nicoletti.

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